Here we go!

I’m officially in the end portion of training for my FIRST half-marathon! I cannot believe that race day is now only a few days away! I am sitting here thinking I should be nervous about the race, but I am not. I know my legs are ready, mentally I know I can do it, I just need race day to get here!

The things I AM nervous about are:

1.The weather and picking out race day appropriate gear. I am typically a late morning runner, or ideally right before lunch, so racing is always a little tricky.

2. Bag check, I know its  silly,  but it always gets me nervous!

3. Driving home; I am travelling to and from Hamilton solo! Praying my legs and body make it and I don’t crash (mentally,physically and driving) on the way home!

However, like I said before, I know I’m ready to rock this race! My assurance is not only from myself, but  I run on the grace of God, and know full well regardless of the outcome Hes got me!

My love for running hasn’t just  started, it’s been around for a while, but I now want to share the joy I get from running with others!!

Follow along as I run on Grace.