Winter is a tough season for motivation! It’s cold outside, and the idea of being cozy and warm often takes presidence. But not this year! I’ve got my eye on a February marathon, but it won’t be confirmed until we figure out our family vacation next year. So I’m stuck in that limbo! Races give me gaols and motivation to move! 

So in the mean time I’m keeping my kilometres low and enjoying the ability to just get out and run! No time worry or distance to mark off, the no pressure feeling is great!! 

On top of that, I’m going to work on a leg and ab 30 day challenge! I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going! 

Make a small goal for the week to be active in some way, it will kick start your motivation!! 

Vacation Favourites

(Seriously what a week! This has been sitting ready to go, I may have forgot to hit post)

What a week! We are home from our Mexican Vacation, and I am finally caught up on laundry, and believe it or not it is all washed AND put away (this is a weekly struggle for me)! While we had a great week away I am happy to be home with my girls and dogs and getting back to the swing of life!!

BUT before my memories fade, just like my tan, I thought I would post my favourite things about this trip!

  1. Time with the hubs! This was something I most looked forward too!! The fall is a busy time for Josh at work, so quality time doesn’t happen as often as it does during other seasons. It was nice to just be able to have the whole week to focus on each other!  We were able to relax and not worry about the kids, knowing that they were having fun and in great hands all week ! ( thanks mom and dad)
Moon Palace Spa day

2. FOOD! It is no secret I   LOVE food, I LOVE cooking and being in the kitchen, but a week of not worrying about meals was amazing!! The food selections were also amazing! I indulged on a lot of chips, guac and salsa verde, but the à la carteès were great at night too! Zero food complaints on my part!

3. Relaxing! I loved being able to lounge and sit pool side! I was able to finish a whole book, Why Not Me?  I have mad love for Mindy Kaling!! I also almost finished an audio book, Born to Run, this book is so inspiring!! Read it, listen to it if you haven’t yet!

DCIM100GOPRO4. Watching the sunrise! I’m not normally a morning person, but we made sure to wake up early enough to to sit on our balcony, enjoy room service breakfast and watch amazing sunrises. God sure knew what He was doing when He created the earth!

Good Morning Mexico!

5. Adventures! We decided as a group to do one excursion, there were so many to choose from we could have filled our week with activities but we really just wanted to relax. We decided to do the “jet boat jungle tour” which ended with snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea! The jet boat was lots of fun! But it was raining and felt like we were being pelted with stones! I had to cover my face, but I still loved it! The jet skis were a little sketchy, but it was nice to tour through the mangroves and enjoy the view with josh! Then the snorkeling, I want to tell you it was so amazing and magical but I cant!  As soon as I got into the water into the marked off zone a fish swam right into me, and I couldn’t handle it. I tried to ignore the fish swimming on the top to see the beautiful coloured ones in the reef but they kept touching me and to be honest swimming with fish is one of my big fears!! I swam back to the jet skis and enjoyed watching the others enjoy their time!


6. Workout partners! I normally hit the gym alone, and run alone ( unless you count Gatsby) so it was really nice to go the gym and have guided workouts with josh! Let me tell you I was sore for days! Something about working out with your husband, it’s a real relationship booster!

If you are on the fence about leaving your kids behind and heading for vacation with your husband I would totally recommend it!! It really helps your remember why you married him and is such a great way to better your marriage!!

Faith Friday

So much of life these days is fuelled by fear. Fear of what others think, fear of failing, fear of the unknown, fear of not being enough. What if instead of living I fear, we lived in possibility! The possibility of inspiring someone, possibility of finding a new passing, of being enough! We are created by God in his image, He made us to be exactly who we are, put your fears aside, take a risk and step out into that beautiful possibility He has created for you.  Remember these words written in Isiah 40:30-31 find your strength in the Hope of the Lord, rest in that, and step out of fear and into possibility!

You got this mama, weekend is here!

This print is from the very talented joyzdesign check her out!!

Vacation Mode

Today is the day! 
My husband and I have been planning a couples trip for the past eight months, and the day is finally here! 

We are heading to Mexico with two of our closest friends, leaving our four kids with their grandparents and enjoying some very needed alone time. 

  I love my girls, but to be honest, time away with my husband is going to be amazing! I am a firm believer in self-care. While a little bit of my heart broke leaving the kids, I know that when I come home renewed and refreshed I will be a better mom! 
That’s the thing with us moms, there is often guilt associated with taking time away for ones self. Ladies, I urge you to take a break, go out with your girlfriends, or get a mani pedi alone, do something for yourself, even if only for an hour. It will do more than you can imagine, for your kids, for your husband, for yourself! 
I’m off to relax on the beach!! Find a way to get some time in for yourself this week! Your family won’t be disappointed that you did! 

Friday Five

It’s FRIDAY! Good things are happening next week, kid free vacation with my hubs! The count down is on, but first let’s talk about my 5 favourite running gear items!

  1. Since this is my first full year of committed running, I needed fall running pants! I was able to snag a pair of their patience pants in the summer while they were on sale!! You will most definitely see these on repeat all. the. time. When you start running, you may not have tons of selection day to day, but you don’t need more than one pair to make it through your run!
    hese are similar to the ones I have)
  2. SHOES! obliviously in order to run you need a good shoe! I did tons of research, bought some shoes because of their look, and price, but finally found my feet being happy in a pair of NIKE Flyknit lunars! I was also so  lucky to win a FREE pair of shoes this past mothers day, I chose a pair of Mizuno Sayanora 2s, I love them for shorter runs, but my feet get mad over 10km in them.
  3. Compression socks! not everyone likes them, uses them, cares about them, but they work for me, especially when going longer distances. Currently running in these, but dreaming about a pair of these.
  4. Insulated head band! I use this one, and it’s on sale!I love that it keeps my ears warm, but my head cool. Sometimes hats can be just too much. It’s also reflective and has a pony-tail hole!
  5. I was in need of new ear phones and picked these ones up at a race expo. Love the colour, love the fit, love the sound.  At this point I have no major complaints against them!

What are some of your favourite workout pieces? Let me know if there is anything I should try!

Hope you have a great weekend, get out there and get your sweat on.