Friday Five

It’s FRIDAY! Good things are happening next week, kid free vacation with my hubs! The count down is on, but first let’s talk about my 5 favourite running gear items!

  1. Since this is my first full year of committed running, I needed fall running pants! I was able to snag a pair of their patience pants in the summer while they were on sale!! You will most definitely see these on repeat all. the. time. When you start running, you may not have tons of selection day to day, but you don’t need more than one pair to make it through your run!
    hese are similar to the ones I have)
  2. SHOES! obliviously in order to run you need a good shoe! I did tons of research, bought some shoes because of their look, and price, but finally found my feet being happy in a pair of NIKE Flyknit lunars! I was also so  lucky to win a FREE pair of shoes this past mothers day, I chose a pair of Mizuno Sayanora 2s, I love them for shorter runs, but my feet get mad over 10km in them.
  3. Compression socks! not everyone likes them, uses them, cares about them, but they work for me, especially when going longer distances. Currently running in these, but dreaming about a pair of these.
  4. Insulated head band! I use this one, and it’s on sale!I love that it keeps my ears warm, but my head cool. Sometimes hats can be just too much. It’s also reflective and has a pony-tail hole!
  5. I was in need of new ear phones and picked these ones up at a race expo. Love the colour, love the fit, love the sound.  At this point I have no major complaints against them!

What are some of your favourite workout pieces? Let me know if there is anything I should try!

Hope you have a great weekend, get out there and get your sweat on.

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