Vacation Mode

Today is the day! 
My husband and I have been planning a couples trip for the past eight months, and the day is finally here! 

We are heading to Mexico with two of our closest friends, leaving our four kids with their grandparents and enjoying some very needed alone time. 

  I love my girls, but to be honest, time away with my husband is going to be amazing! I am a firm believer in self-care. While a little bit of my heart broke leaving the kids, I know that when I come home renewed and refreshed I will be a better mom! 
That’s the thing with us moms, there is often guilt associated with taking time away for ones self. Ladies, I urge you to take a break, go out with your girlfriends, or get a mani pedi alone, do something for yourself, even if only for an hour. It will do more than you can imagine, for your kids, for your husband, for yourself! 
I’m off to relax on the beach!! Find a way to get some time in for yourself this week! Your family won’t be disappointed that you did! 

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