Friend Christmas 

Last night I co-hosted our annual friend Christmas! I love nothing more then sitting around with good friends while eating good food! Since our house isn’t big enough to hold 10 adults and 8 kids, I voluntold our friends Mike and Elisabeth to hold it at their home! The catch was I’d do most of the cooking! It’s wonderful when you have friends who are more like family and you can do things like that! (Thanks again guys!) 

Mike and I make a great team in the kitchen, and with a little help from our spouses we came up with a great dinner menu! 

The night started off with mulled wine, and appetizers


Mike makes some the most delishous bruschetta out there so that had to be on the menu! Jeff is lucky enough to have an green egg, and makes amazing jalapeño poppers! Spicy, creamy, smokey bacon! How could you say no to that! And what I call the piece de resistance, our shrimp tree!! My husband LOVES shrimp cocktails, this was just a bit fancier! And it was pretty easy to make too! 

For dinner we had beef tenderloin, garlic mash potatoes, bacon roasted Brussel sprouts and a festive salad! 

(Sorry no other dinner pictures)

Maybe because we always had big family dinners growing up, but there is something so comforting about sitting around the table with the ones you love! These friendships have been years in the making, so are over 15 years! We all have different interest, different parenting styles, live in different cities, but that doesn’t matter, friendship is way more than that! We support each other on new ventures, on going back to work, on leaving your job to stay home with the kids, on hobbies and even on parenting! I cannot get enough of quality time!!! 

Christmas carols and quality time with friends ( did I mention we have some seriously musical friends!) 

So as busy as this holiday week may be, remember to take time for the ones you love!! I’m looking to the new week filled with family time!!! 

Merry Christmas!!! 


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