Treadmill, training, changes 

What a crazy week!! Right before Christmas we found out our dream house was going up forsale!! We’ve put in our offer and knew we would have to wait for the new year to list our house! Well that time is now, and last week we spent what feels like every spare second prepping for listing day, which is today!!! On top of that I have started my marathon training cycle! Truth be told, I’m terrible about following race plans, but I have vowed to race this year to the best of my ability, and to do that I need to train properly! 

We had some very cold days last week. So I took my runners and headed to the gym for treadmill runs, not ideal, but better than nothing. I’m not sure about you, but I am always waaaay slower on the treadmill, which is messing with my mental game! 

I’ve decided to try out a few new things while training! 

1. I finally downloaded “serial” the podcast season 1, and it really helps make time go faster!! I almost don’t want it to end! 

2. Trying out new fuel! I had my first “Gu” the other day and I must say I’m now a convert! It went down much easier then other gels I’ve tried, and it tasted pretty  good! 

3. I typically run in the same shoes, but decided to try out my mizuno soft long let distances, still not sure how I’m feeling about it! 

4. I got my first pair of pro compression socks! I’m also really liking them! And they come in so many great styles! After a few days of wearing them, I bought an other three! (Thanks grab bag special) 

I’m also getting back into doing lifting, I find for myself I run faster when I’m doing weight training along side running! Post more about that an other day! 

Here’s to planning on conpleting this training cycle with focus and enthusiasm! Only about 6 more weeks until my first race of the year!   

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