January recap

I’m not even certain I want to post about January! Haha the month started out with so much hope and determination! But than real life hit. I had initially planned to follow a 16 week intermediate marathon training plan, and had kept pace the first week and a bit, but then all our activities started up again, winter finally hit and I found it hard to get my long runs in, and even harder to get them on the treadmill! 

While I know this sounds like a lot of excuses ( because it is) but it really gave me a mental kick to be better, do better, push harder to reach the goals I have set out to do! 

My body has always had a hard time when I hit more than four running days a week, and I really want to push past that, but at the same time I don’t want to make it feel as though I have to do it, that’s where I loose motivation. My plan is to hit minimum 3 days of running, one being speed training and one being a long run, and then listen to how my body is feeling for run 3, and potential a run 4 too. In between I am going to start lifting and swimming two days a week. I will have a total of 5 training days and two off days. I am hopeful that this is exactly what I need to keep me motived and focused on that marathon goal! 

My April marathon is not going to be about speed at all, but more about just finishing and getting an idea of racing this distance, come the fall I will focus on speed. 

Phoenix marathon is just 22 days away, and I am so excited! I won’t really be running for speed, obviously I would be thrilled to PR it, but I am really excited to have fun running it and enjoy the pure beauty of Arizona! There is just something about the blue sky and ranges there that fill my heart! I am also stepping way out of my comfort zone and planning to go to the #werunsocial meet up! I am terribly awkward in new situations, but think it will be so awesome to meet up with some amazing runners I follow on IG! Running may be a solo sport, but there is such a supportive community that comes with it, whichever is really amazing! 

I am looking forward to what February brings, with a renewed focus and relalistic goals I’m ready to bring it!! 

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