When you need a little motivation

Fitness goals and running goals can be hard! There are some days when I know you just. Don’t.want. To. But friends keep with it! Soon you will be into the swing of things and look forward to those moments of endorphin pumping, sweaty sessions! 

In case you need a bit more motivation, pick out a new workout outfit, like this shirt; it was a custom make from the super talented Fancyitpretty . I find when you have new workout gear, you want to break it in, and use it for its intended purpose! Nothing like having a drawer full of gear crying to be used! Put it on, and get sweaty! 

Or find a new tasty drink to have pre/post / during workout might I suggest this pretty in pink strawberry lemonade 

I had been eyeing a fitness tracker for a while, and hummed and hawed about getting one, I thought to myself, I’m active, I don’t need to track my steps! But my dear hubby surprised me with a Garmin Vivofit 2, and I’ve been wearing it everyday since! It really does keep me motivated to keep moving. And the nerd in me loves knowing how many steps equal how many Kms! It also shows calories burned, and gave me a kick in the pants to eat more food! If you are on the fence about getting a tracker I say jump over and get it!  


The biggest thing I can say for motivation is set that race goal! If you have a purpose in mind, like let’s say running your first 5km race, or your first half marathon, it will keep you motivated to get to that day! Training days can be hard, and excuses can come so easily, but showing up on race day unprepared can turn out much worse than if you just put the time in before! When you cross that finish line, there are few words to explain the emotions you feel! And trust me, you will feel ALL the emotions!! Nothing is better than crossing the finishing line knowing that you put in so much hard work, time and energy! 

Know that you can do it! And when you do do it, you will wonder why you were afraid to try in the first place! 

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