Wednesday Weekly Review

(catchy title don’t you think? I am playing catch up!)

We have finally recovered from the busy Easter weekend and are back into the full swing life.

We had lots of time celebrating with friends and family, all while eating all the food. Holidays, as busy as they are, fill me so full. Quality time is really my JAM!! And I really needed to be surrounded by my loved ones this weekend!

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Life Update 

Ooooh man! To say I’ve been slacking is an understatement. Life got really busy, and everything else got put on hold. So the past two weeks have seemed like a right off in terms of running.

I did a 10km tempo treadmill run on the 8. After that my husband had to take apart the treadmill apart for our move. I was a little sad when this happened.

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Protein morning muffins 

As much as I love food, and eating, I am finding it tricky to get enough food and calories in me for how much I burn while running.

Week day mornings are especially tricky, when I’m rushing around trying to get to school drop off in time.

I came up with this recipe as a quick grab and go meal. Packed with high protein and Carbs it’s perfect for filling me up before I head out the door.
Protein Apple “muffins”

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