Life Update 

Ooooh man! To say I’ve been slacking is an understatement. Life got really busy, and everything else got put on hold. So the past two weeks have seemed like a right off in terms of running.

I did a 10km tempo treadmill run on the 8. After that my husband had to take apart the treadmill apart for our move. I was a little sad when this happened.

That Thursday night we rented our uhaul and packed up our home!

Friday was our move, and if you follow on Instagram you’ll have seen my last family photo in front of our first home! I had forgotten I wanted to take he picture, and as I was rushing to get A to school on time, I made everyone pose quickly for the picture knowing it would be the last time we were all there together.

I am a very sensitive person, and so, as we finished getting things packed and cleaned around the house, I would cry. Lots of great memories were made in this home, and as excited as I was for our new house, it was hard leaving it.

Picking A up from school that day was also very hard for me. The kids in her class and teachers were amazing! And I was sad to leave them. A kept telling me that it was going to be okay, and that I didn’t need to cry. She is well beyond her years!

We thankfully got into our new home quite quickly, and by noon we were unloading!

We had so much great help over those two days, that we of course invited everyone over for a thank you pizza dinner! Half unpacked boxes and a lot of those we love, eating together was the best way to start off this new chapter in our lives.

The Monday after our move my husband and I flew to Chicago for a conference, I’ll post more on that later, while there we did tons of walking and I managed to sneak in a treadmill run at the hotel gym.

( seriously how could you not love this city!)

Again not a lot of running, my body most definitely needed the rest, but now I need to dig deep and get back into training.

Once we returned home, we got a bunch more house stuff done, just in time to host our daughters belated second birthday! I say a full house equals full hearts!

And that pretty much brings us to today!

We are getting back into our daily swing, oldest has started her new school and it went better than expected! Our youngest is fighting a fever again, but I’m making the best of it.

We hit the roads for 6km run, in light of world water day! 6km is the average distance a women has to WALK for clean water, every. Day. In Africa! Click HERE for the UN world water day site, and read up on the importance of clean water world wide!

This week I’m ready to hit the pavement hard, and get back on track for marathon training! It is really sneaking up on me!

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