Wednesday Weekly Review

(catchy title don’t you think? I am playing catch up!)

We have finally recovered from the busy Easter weekend and are back into the full swing life.

We had lots of time celebrating with friends and family, all while eating all the food. Holidays, as busy as they are, fill me so full. Quality time is really my JAM!! And I really needed to be surrounded by my loved ones this weekend!


We kicked off Easter Sunday celebrations by eating our decorated easter eggs, as well as our Italian Easter bread baskets ( a tradition I’ve had since childhood)


We were also so blessed to watch an original Easter play at our church, it was set from Peter’s eyes, if you weren’t able to attend a service, or you are curious to know more, you can always tune into service here

Post service we got ready for family dinner at our house, and we were able to have our very first Easter Egg hunt with the kids! Memories in the making, it was such a great time!

Monday we had an other great Easter dinner with my in-laws.  My sister in law sets a great table, (go take a peek at her here), and we had great times together celebrating, Easter and a birthday! Win wins all around.

And now for a tiny look into my training……

I have found a crash 4 week marathon training plan, that I have been sticking too(mostly). It follows one long run a week, and then 3-4 speed training sessions as well. Thankfully my husband has finally set up the treadmill, and I never imagined saying this, but I am so excited to jump on it for my run today! Also I have plans to set up my run cave this week! Pictures to eventually follow!!

I went into my run yesterday as a means to cheer up our dog Gatsby, and really just run and find peace in the silence of being out on the road. It worked, for both of us. I am so excited to be able to find new routes and roads to run! I have the best 7km loop, which I can run in stages, once or twice with Gatsby and then once or twice on my own, depending on what my goal for the day. It has the perfect mix of hills, and flats and road and gravel. So I feel as though it’s helping me train for all sorts of conditions.


While I am still feeling very nervous about attempting to run a Marathon in a few short weeks, I know I will be more upset at myself if I don’t do it this spring.  Here is the the next 4 weeks of running focus!



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