Waterloo Marathon

I am still living in a little disbelief that I actually ran and finished a marathon!

I had such anxiety going into race morning, I thought I was going to have a break down.  The thing that differed in this race over the others that I have run, is that I had, up unto that point, never ran more than 35km.  So this was a huge unknown for me, and that is very scary!

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Friday FIVE

Today I thought I would share some of my favourite movies/documentaries I have watched throughout this training cycle. As I have mentioned before, I did about 90% of my training for this marathon on the treadmill, and I found that having something captivating to watch most definitely made those long runs a lot better!

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Marathon Monday

Happy Boston Marathon Day! It’s a big year this year, celebrating its 120th Boston Marathon! And the 50th year of women running in it!!! 

Here is a great movie trailer that will be sure to give you inspiration this Monday!


Today I am dreaming about one day getting to Boston, but for now I will keep training, and watch all the runners who have reached their Boston Dreams!

May your day be filled with positive vibes and negative splits