April Goals

I’ve decided that if I write down my goals, and share them, I will be accountable to you guys and therefore more likely to complete them! I often struggle with hitting each run in my training plan, because frankly, I don’t schedule it in, and then try to scramble to make enough time for each run throughout the week.

I’ve never been a list maker, but with everything going on, I think this is the only way I will be able to schedule in, and keep my weekly goes. With that, this is how my April is shaping up:

April 3-9:
Easy Run+leg workout
Tempo @10k pace
Easy+upper body
Fartlek (depending on legs)
Long Run 30km

April 10-16
Easy Run+legs
16km goal pace
Long Run-35km
Easy Run+ Uper body 
Tempo@ 10km pace

April 17-23
Long run 20km
Easy Run+legs
Tempo@ goal pace
Shake out Run

April 24-30
Marathon Day!

easy easy recovery run
Easy Run
Birthday Run


While it is a massive goal of mine to hit that marathon this month, I have been slacking for a couple of weeks post PHX, and really coming up with all the excuses to not get my heart and feet in it.  It is mostly a fear thing. Going into unknown territories is scary, and putting pressure to perform at a certain level is even more scary. I can really be a self-sabotager, I will give up and quit before I will fail.  Clearly that is not the right attitude to have, and running has termendosly helped with that habbit.  SO I am not going to let that happen with my marathon. This one, I am just focusing on finishing, getting a feel for the distance, to mentally prepair myself for marthons to come.  I am going to run happy, and be brave. Those are my goals, and I will make it happen.

I purchaces these two Momentum Jelwery wraps at the PHX EXPO, knowing that I wanted to run that half happy, and that to become a marathoer I would very much need to “Be Brave” I will tell you this, that setting those mental goals, mixed with seeing a daily reminder on your wrist, plus saying out load as affermation, really allows it to sink in, and become truth.  This same thing can be said for anything really, hence my goal writting.  I know that it is not really new information, but sometimes we need constant reminders before it really clicks.

With that, I will take on April head on, and know full well that this is where I have been led to, By Gods good Grace, I will run the race set before me.




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