Weekly Recap

This has been a pretty serious week for running, I wrote out my April goals, and I have actually stuck to the plan! Proud moments for me! I am pretty good at coming up with reasons not to do it.

So here it goes.

April 3- rest day, decided to do a easy 1mile for my legs
April 4-10km treadmill, felt okay, started to feel slight knee pain
April 5- Tempo run, warm up was good. 6.5mph and felt really sharp pain in my knee, I cut it short, and finished with overall 6.21km for the day.
April 6- Easy run, 8.1 km total
April 7- 5km Farlek work, did not feel the greatest.

(Fake it till you make it)

April 8- Long Run after doing some reading, I knew this week had to be my highest km week so I went for 35km instead of the planned 30km.  It was a brutal day, did one loop with Gatsby, and that was good.  Dropped him off at the house, and it all went down hill, Mak had to have a bathroom break, and then was miserable for the rest of the ride. I should have known better then to expect her to sleep in the stroller over nap time. This run was filled with tears, and hugs, and a phone and Garmin that stopped working half way through. I ended up finishing my final 10km on the treadmill that night.  It was not ideal for my long run, but sometimes you just have to make it up along the way.

( Tens Unit, Ice pack and Grey’s Anatomy, best way to recover)

April 9- Rest day; 2km easy pace had to shake out my legs
April 10- 8.6 km easy pace, felt really good


(Did some minor decoration in the run room, keeps me motivated! Counting down to dry wall)

Weekly total=71.6km
This is HUGE for me!



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