Monday Motivation

I typically have a really hard time staying motivated constantly.  I had a hard time sticking to training plans, because I “don’t like being told what to do”. So Silly I know.  To be honest I think it was more of an excuse, just in case I didn’t do well, or couldn’t preform.

But here is the deal. If you have goals, you will have to follow a plan to reach them.  I’ve never run a marathon before, therefore am I really capable of making the right training choices for myself? not likely, hence turning to training plans.

I have a feeling like this crash training may backfire, but I am also feeling really confident, that I will be at least able to finish the race! And that is pretty much my only goal at this point.

I say all this because we are all different, we all need to find our motivation somewhere, some of us might be better at knowing where to look for it, and others might take a while to get there (I’m a slow learner sometimes).  I have found that if I have attainable goals, I am most likely to succeed and get my runs in.

We are only part way through our Monday, you still have lots of time left to get out there and make the day count!!





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