Treadmill Runs

As some of you might know, I have run about 90% of this training cycle on my treadmill! It sounds crazy, and at first it is, but once you get into it, there is something really great about treadmill running!

For me I have a hard time looking at my pace, and knowing what my typical road pace is. I have come to the point of acceptance that for myself I have two standard paces, one for road and one for treadmill. Maybe this is not the “right way” to go about it, but it is what works for me, and that’s what is so great about running, you will find your own way.

My treadmill runs came out of necessity, the winter was cold, and sometimes snowy or just plain gross, and when you have a little one riding along in a stroller, I had a hard time allowing her face those conditions, because I had to run. So when she was safely asleep for nap time, I would jump on and get my run in.  And now it is a time that I crave to myself.

One of the best things I found was following a workout plan for my first runs, it gave me guidance, and helped me push through the beginning toughness.

Here is one I had found via Pinterest. You can search your own, or use this one. It is only a 20min run, great for beginners, but my recommendation is to do it twice! Adjust the speed as necessary!


Hopefully finding fun treadmill runs will help you stay focused, and get it done!! I know it seems so cliche, but practise really does make perfect, and eventually you’ll find that your mental game will grow even stronger by doing something that seems “impossible”.



2 thoughts on “Treadmill Runs

  1. I love treadmill running for some reason and used it for the majority of the training for my half marathon this past weekend. I like knowing it’s never too dark, too rainy, or too cold to get a solid workout in. You’ll be able to crush this race no problem.


    1. Those are my exact same feelings about it now!! And thank you! Im still a little ( okay a lot nervous) but I am ready to face this 26.2! Congrats on your 13.1 finish!!!!


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