Weekly Recap

This week was hard. Mentally and physically. I knew that the end part of training would be tricky. But I felt pretty defeated this week.

Here is how my runs turned out:

April 10- easy run, ended up being 9km, and I felt pretty good doing it!

(run photos are tricky to set up)

April 11-15km goal pace, this was hard, and where I mostly felt like I was defeated. It was a treadmill run due to timing, and frankly I have seen better runs.
April 12- rest day, easy 1 mile.
April 13- Easy run, ended up being 6km, with nagging calf pain. Rolled and stretched

April 14- 10km tempo, could not get my speed to where it should be.
April 15-rest day, easy 1.5 miles
April 16-was planning on doing my long run, and after 5km I felt beat, and sore, and called it quits.  Not a good sign right now.

IMG_4119(got to make sure he hydrates too)

Again, this was not my best week, and I am really hoping this week goes a lot better.



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