Today is not only my birthday, but I am celebrating my CHAMPAGNE YEAR! That’s right, I am turning 29 on the 29th! So What better way to celebrate then by having a little giveaway!

As you probably know, and if you are new here you probably don’t know, but I LOVE NUUN products.  To be honest, I have loved them for a long time. They are the only electrolyte drink that doesn’t make my stomach hurt. I use it for training days, for off days, for race days, for sick days. It is my go to!

An other big thing I feel is important, to both running and daily life, is having motivation reminders. You may have seen my two momentum jewelry wraps that I love wearing, one says “be brave” and the other is “run happy” both of these are so key for me while running and training. If I am not running happy, then what is the point! (yes I know that bad run days happen and are okay) but mostly I focus on the joy that running is, and that I am so blessed to have an able body that I can run, so I try to run happy, for those who can’t.   And Bravery! Who doesn’t need a reminder to be brave, and step over those things that scare you! Amazing growth comes from this!

I also have had a custom print made by Written By Kristen, “She believed she could, so she did.” Believing in yourself is the first step!! The rest will follow!

SO these are my three favourite things that I want to share with YOU!!! One lucky winner will receive a tube of NUUN, a Momentum Jewelry Motivate Wrap, and the custom print!

Enter below and GOOD LUCK! Winner will be announced next week!

Birthday Giveaway


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