Weekly Recap

Well April is officially over!! And I could not be more excited about the month I had. I don’t ever say any of this to be braggy, but hopefully you will find some motivation, and realize that you can do it too!

Here is how my week looked:
April 24: 42.2 km!! seriously so pumped about this one!


April25: recover run 3.26km, stretch and ice bath

April26: rest day, 1.62km, stretch and jacuzzi’d
April 27: rest day, 1.77km, stretched

April 28: rest day, 1.72km
April 29: BIRTHDAY RUN, 1.1km and day 29 of my RUN STREAK

April 30: 5km run, testing my legs outs, and they are almost recovered!!!

This month has been full of challenges, and set backs, but also some really great runs, and days where I have felt great! With anything in life, there will be hard times, but overcoming them makes you so much stronger, and for me it was the marathon.


Total Monthly KM’s:


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