Catching up

It feels like forever since I have done a recap, and I guess it has really been a while. Truth is, I have been taking it sooooo easy lately that I don’t really feel like it is worth updating about!

But in keeping with being honest an accountable I will let you in on my runs.

I’ve really only averaged about 8 miles each week over the past two weeks, and have done about 5 weight sessions.  I feel really guilty typing that out, as I had planned to do a lot more running and lifting in that time frame.  The best thing of all is that it’s Monday, and I get to start the week fresh!!!

I have finally decided on my next goal, and am starting some seriously speed training!! I am aiming, and training for a 2min PR for my 10km, and want to hit a SUB 50min race!! I am confident in my abilities, and know that if I put the effort and work in this is not out of my reach!

Now to pick the race and get to work!


Dream Large, and Train Hard!!!


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