Summer Run Bucket List

With Summer holidays quickly approaching for us Canadians, (Americans time to celebrate your summer being here!) I figured it would be a perfect time to share our summer bucket lists!

We have three lists started in our house, and I will share them over the next few days. But to start I will share my Summer Race List:

WORLD RUNNING DAY-We pledged 1km a piece as a family, totally 5km, what better way to celebrate world running day then with the ones you love! (even if they don’t love running)

Moon In June 10km-night time race along the waterfront

Shoppers Drug Mart Run For Women (10km)- a great event bringing light to metal illness.

Canada Day Run(5km)- because what better way to celebrate your nations birthday but by racing!

Summer Night Classical 5km- no typo, its in support of a local orchestra and there is classical music on route!

RunWay Classic- its a two mile race at a local airport!

For me this is a pretty loaded bucket list in terms of racing, I know it will be unlikely that I do all the events, but I will get through as many as I can, and hopefully hit my 5km and 10km speed goals!!!!


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