Why I Run

I have yet to share why I started running, so I figured in light of Global Running day I’d share it!

4.5 years ago I became a mom for the first time, and while it was amazing to have this new little life to care for, I in turn began to loose my sense of self. At the time, my husband and I had been married for just over a year, I had a degree I was still wanting to finish, and was working as a server. I had NO idea what I wanted to do with when I grew up and I just felt lost.

In between finding out we were pregnant and having our baby, we also got a dog.  A German shorthaired pointer at that. He had lots of energy to burn.

While I took on motherhood head on, and was smitten with our girl, I also, more so out of necessity for the dog, took up running occasionally. I enjoyed the ability to run with the dog and not have to be on mom mode, but I wasn’t to the point where I loved and craved a run. . We had lots of fun over my year off, and when my mat leave was just about up, I knew I could not go back into serving.

I was lucky enough to find a position at a wellness clinic that I could work full-time hours in a three day work week! It was perfect. But again, it was not my hearts desire to work there for the rest of my career life.

We were blessed with our second daughter and was able to again be a stay at home mom.  After my mat leave was up, I did not go back to work.  In between that time, I needed something to be able to call my own.  I needed time to myself, in order to be the best mom, and wife.  I ended up getting a group on for a local bootcamp, and really enjoyed those mornings at the gym, but after my three months were up, the monthly cost of continuing were more than I had wanted to spend.

Running had always continued to be something in the back of my mind, and frankly the cost of running is quite low, you really only need a good pair of shoes and some comfy workout clothes, they don’t even have to be expensive.

When I started it was painful, in all aspects of the word. Mentally, physically, emotionally. But I tried to keep with it. Running without a purpose always ended up getting stale, and I’d give up before it even got real.

I had been following many bloggers and IG accounts all dedicated to fitness and running, in hopes that their journeys would rub off and motivate me. I had found a Nike Womens Race that was to be hosted in Toronto, and thought it would be a challenging distance, but maybe something I could possibly want to do.  At this point, I was a mom and a wife, and really had no motvation to do anything but mom and wife.  I think, for me especially this was a dangerous place to be.  I crave more for myself, and want to be an example to my girls that they can be anything the set their minds too.  That fear should never be something to hold us back, that we have a hope and reality that is in Jesus, and that He has called us into something greater.  My life at that point was not a good living example of the life I had been called too.  So I thought to myself, and casually brought it up to Josh, that I was thinking about signing up for this race.  He never once pressured me either way, but deep down I know he was praying that I would finally follow through on something.

Forward to family vacation, I think I have talked about this before, but quick recap for those who are new.  There was an event being hosted at Athleta in Scottsdale, AZ by one of my favourite bloggers, so I had asked if we could go, not waiting to be too pushy, but really hoping my husband would be game, of course he was.  And of course  he gently pushed me out of my shell and I went and introduced myself and talked to Maury, from MY Heart Races. Seriouly this 5min converstaion was a game changer for me, her kindness, and inspiration, and really hearing words from a stanger that I could infact be a runner was what I  needed to get my butt in gear.

I came home from the trip, and signed up for the Nike Womens lottery, and waited. In the waiting I became more committed to running, and I would take our dog Gatbsy out with me.  I thought that regardless of what happend, I would need to be ready to run 15km.  I was used to running 5km at most maybe 7km.  But one Sunday afternoon I went for a 10km run, it hurt so bad (but so good) and I couldn’t imagne how people ran that, I think I rested for days after.

When I finally got the acceptance email, I was thrilled.  I remeber one of my training runs, it was probably a couple weeks out from race day, I didn’t want to go, but Josh suggested it.  And I knew I should take Gatsby for a run, and it would be best for my sour attitude.  So out I went for a quick 5km.  Quick 5s were my favourtie, in and out and done in about 30mins.  But this night, I was feeling good, and the sun was begining to set, and it did something to my soul.  I kept running, and running, I looked at my phone, and I was at around 11km, I knew I had more in me, and Gastby wasn’t even tired yet, so I sent Josh a quick txt to say I was going for 16km and would be home in abit.  That was the run that changed me, I had never felt like a runner until that point.  Up to that day, yes I was a runner because I went for runs, but it wasn’t part of me yet. I finished that run just as it went dark, and deep in my soul I knew I was made to run.

I vowed to myself then, that 2015 would be my year of running, my first race to be the Nike 15km, then I wanted to also complete a 5km, 10km, and half marathon that year.  I knew that the 5 and 10 were easily in reach, and a half was only a few km off of my furthest run, again very doable.  And so I did just that.

All my runs, and training, have not been those glorious ah ha moments, some have been down right ugly and depressing. But that my friends is what makes running so awesome.

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