Songs for a 5km

I really love having a good playlist to run to, typically it is a mash up of music that motivates me in different ways.  Whether it is a pump up song, one that plays to my heart, or reminds me of my kids or husband.  Each song has meaning to me and helps me get through those long runs.

Building a 5km run play list was so fun, because it was just a handful of songs to keep me fast and excited.

In no order, here are my current favourite songs to run to! (I have linked to youtube or vimeo but please alway ensure you support artist by purchasing their music, I am a big fan of Apple Music)

Holiday- Nate Hall My House- Flo Rida
Can’t Stop the Feeling!- Justin Timberlake
Happy- Pharrell
Glow in the Dark-Jason Gray
My Story- Big Daddy Weave 
The River- Jordan Feliz

I hope your weekend is filled with runs, and music that fills your soul!!!


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