Moon In June

Somehow I missed posting this!!

Last weekend (June 4) I ran a evening 5km race, and it was pretty much amazing!!!

It was a local-isa race held in Burlington, they do a kids festival (which had more hype then it was worth) and then the race, 1km kid run, 5km and 10km race.  And an after party, which we didn’t stay for because the baby needed to go to bed!!

This was a last minute registration for me, my 5km time is something I have been working on decreasing, and I LOVE running at night, so this was perfect!!

We got to Burlington with lots of time to spare thinking we would play at kidsfest, eat dinner, visit a local coffee shop.  Which we were all able to do, and then had time to kill!

We had dinner on a patio, where we could watch the kids race, and it was so amazing to see so many young kids running with great big smiles on their faces. Encouraging kids to find a sport they love is so important to me! We want to raise athletes, who enjoy playing a sport, it is not always about winning, but having fun, and learning to be a team player.


I opted for a turkey burger and homemade chips.  While it tasted amazing, I would soon regret this choice!


I was able to change into my race clothes, use the bathroom multiple times and warm up and stretch with my Hubby and youngest daughter, she also had to warm up with me! It was the cutest.


We were to self-seed at the start line, which is always tricky, because I dislike asking others their anticipated finish time, especially since I was aiming for a faster finish.  I  ended up placing myself in a spot close to the front, but not too close.


It ended up being a sunset/dusk run, through the down town and lakeshore, into a subdivision with the GREATEST neighbourhood support! The water station was in front of someones house, and they were using a hose to fill water cups.  Not typically something I would drink, I tend to be a water snob, but I graciously took the water and LOVED the community support.

I was winded and thirsty, but made a point to thank all volunteer and police on course.  They work hard to keep us runners safe and need to be thanked!!

At about 4km, my dinner started making an appearance via burps, but I fought it as much as I could, and held on that last KM.  There was a few women I could see a head of me, and I made it my goal to pass as many as I could before the finish line!

I ended up coming in at 24:28 official time! This was a 4 minute PR!! And I ended up 2nd in my age division and 12th female overall! I was beyond excited for this as I do not see myself as a short distance runner! But I am working towards a sub 20min 5km, so this was a perfect start to reach that goal.


I was lucky enough to win a 30$ gift card that I had no problem spending, and a 25 year anniversary towel!!

In the race pack, I also got a Drink ticket for a craft beer! But I was not feeling the post run beer, so I shared it with a gentlemen (he was of legal drinking age).  There was music and a pumping after party, which we didn’t stay to long at because the babe need to go to bed, but it sure looked like a lot of fun!

This is one race that I will for sure be doing again next year!!



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