Family Summer Bucket List


Here in Ontario, we have a couple more weeks left until school is officially out! I am both so excited for the break, but also wondering how I will keep our busy 4 and 2 year old occupied and excited this summer!

We decided to put together a list of things we want to do, and should do, both as a family, but also just me and the girls!

  1. Strawberry Picking
  2. Pea Picking
  3. Visit the farmers market
  4. Go for a Hike
  5. Run a race TOGETHER
  6. Go to a pool party
  7. Go to the beach
  8. Build a sand castle
  9. Have a backyard camp out
  10. Make dinner on the bonfire
  11. S”MORES
  12. Find a waterfall
  13. Try something new
  14. Ride a roller coaster
  15. Read a Book
  16. Go on a wine tour (sorry kids)
  17. Do something that scares us
  18. Celebrate the OLYMPICS
  19. Fireworks
  20. Have a backyard party
  21. Get Ice-cream
  22. See a movie
  23. One on One Kid dates (mom+1, dad+1, switch)

This list should keep us pretty busy, but most importantly we hope that it creates lots of great childhood memories.  It isn’t really about what we are doing, but the time we get to spend with each other and pouring love into our little ones, and those who are around us.


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