Wine Tour

Can you believe its Thursday already! Where has this week gone?! These hot summer days we have been having are making me so excited for Summer Holidays!! Less than a week to go!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to head up to Niagara-on-the-lake for a night away with my husband, and my dad-in-law too!

They were there for a conference and I was lucky enough to hijack their day, and spend some amazing quality time with them, doing some wine tours! We are a big wine family, and it was so nice to celebrate 2 of the dads in my life with this special day away.

Niagara on the lake, my be one of my favourite little towns, even with the tourist hustle and bustle, there is this sense of calm and peace I feel when I am there.  It is called Canada’s most beautiful city, and I could not agree more!


We started the day off with a Trolly Tour and were able to learn some historic facts about the town, which I always find interesting. Then we headed off to our first tour which was at Trius winery.


I have always seen the bottle at our LCBO, but never stepped out of my comfort zone to try it.  I am so glad we went there on the tour, because they make some really good wine!

Here are some shots of the tour:

We purchased some bottles, loaded back into the trolley and headed to vineyard number two.

Reist is a german founded winery, which we did some more tasting at opened up our eyes to the world of rose!



We headed back to the hotel, and waited for our rooms to be ready, we had a quick rest before we hit the town.

Afternoon coffee is always a must, and we explored all the little shops.  And relaxed in the park.


We got ready for dinner, and took the shuttle over to Peller Estates where we had planned to have dinner.  Lucky for us there was still time to squeeze in one last tour before our dinner  reservations!

We were the only 3 on it, so it was really nice to have a private guided tour of the grounds.

We did a tasting in the vineyard, and headed down to the cellar for more tastings.  We had amazing dark chocolate paired with a Cab Sav.  It is really fun to actually take your time sipping and enjoying wine, and seeing how the flavour profile changes, when you change the amount of air that gets mixed with it, or how food can adapt the flavour.  Food Science is amazing to me!!

Our  last stop had us suit up in winter coats, as we entered the -10 below room.  A room made of ice, that hosts their selection of ice wines!

After the tour, we headed right to dinner, we were so lucky to sit on the patio and enjoy a sunset evening dinner.


We took advantage of being a 4 diamond restaurant and went with a 5 coursed dinner and wine paring menu.  Let me tell you this meal did not disappoint!!! From start to finish it was beyond amazing! Great conversations, and memories happen around the dinner table, there would have been no better place to finish off our night!!

Back to the hotel, and to bed!

I woke up, and with such a peaceful no kid sleep, I was so energized and decided to head out on a morning run.  I was able to run through the town, along the lakeshore, and even past a couple vineyards.


If you are looking for a great escape, head to Niagara on the lake.  It will not disappoint.


*these are strictly my own opinions, this post in no way was sponsored*



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