Friday 5

Less about running and more about gifts!! With school ending next week, I thought I would share my favourite gifts to give teachers! 


  1. Books!- what classroom could not use a little library update. Here is what we are loving:

I am yoga                 Mix it Up      How Full is your Bucket    What do you Do with an Idea 

2. Planter- a nice potted flower to say “Thanks for helping me grow”

3. Water bottle- Teacher, you sure have been S’Well!
Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 9.55.44 AM

4. Gift Cards- While it may seem like a copout, you never really know what teachers could use, I love giving gift cards to chapters, along side one to starbucks! Books and coffee best combo!

5. Gifts for the Class Room- I know, especially in kindergarten, the kids love crafts and paper and stickers (we always have a backpack full of art when A comes home from school) Help them great ready for next year by loading up on supplies!

Markers                        Stickers                     Stickers                Craft paper         Art Supplies  


Hope you all enjoy your last weekend before school is out!!!




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