Marathon Training-Week 3

Last week was a bust! I finally went to the chiropractor in hopes of gaining some relief in my hip and leg, and thankfully it did help, but my lower body is all out of whack, that he recommended that I take a little time off running, so I can focus on healing.

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Trying to Minimize

Minimizing my closet and life has been something that weighs heavy on my heart, and has for years. Yep I said it, YEARS. I have been giving much in this life, and lately I feel like I have taken things for granted.  My closet, and dressers are overflowing, and I often can’t find anything to wear, well because I have to many options.

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Strawberry Social

One of our favourite things to do during the summer is to go strawberry picking.  It is pretty awesome to be able to get out into the field, and pick your own food, and take it home to be able to enjoy.


As a family we try to focus on healthy eating, and feeling our bodies with the good stuff, as opposed to eating just junk.  I find it really helpful for our girls to see and know where their food comes from, and see it change into meals or treats, and this has really helped them to be well rounded eaters, who enjoy lots of types and tastes of food.

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