Week in Review

I’m sorry if you all get bored of those reviews, but I find that it helps with my accountability!!

My last week was low low km again, but this week I officially start my marathon training and could not be more excited/ nervous!

Monday- 3.42km, slow and steady
Tuesday- 2.12 km- snapchat run session, 20 mins Holy Yoga
Wednesday- 1.88km- snapchat run
Thursday- Rest
Friday- 2km- Family Walk
Sunday- 5km run


Today I thought I should check how far off my fall marathon was, and low and behold I am 18 weeks out.  With my less than stealer performance from my first marathon (you can see the recap here) I figured I needed some guidance! I have been a long time follower and admirer of Katie, of Katie’s Fit Script, and bit the bullet and bought her Hybrid Marathon Training Guide! I know it is exactly what I need to cut off a significant amount of time for my marathon.  I am beyond nervous and so excited to get started again!

Here goes Marathon training pt 2!!!




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