Marathon Monday-Week 1

I finished week one of my marathon training plan, and of course it did not go quite as I hopped, but I have learnt that being a running mom, you have to be flexible, and not let bumps in the road affect your attitude. 

Over the past weekend we attended a family reunion up north, and it was so much fun! But because of a full car, and lack of space the weights had to stay home.  And then the skies clouded over and the rain came down in a bad way (or good, since we are so badly needing rain) needless to say I missed my long run! Of the all runs I hate missing, I hate missing my long one. It is so easy to be totally thrown off schedule. But it is a new week, and I have goals on my brain and plan to make this week count!

My week ended up looking like this:

Monday: 5km treadmill Farklet with Shoulders and Chest
Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: LEGS-nap time workout. (seriously I need this work out in a bad way, my legs are weak, I felt the pain for 3 days after) 6.4km treadmill tempo

Thursday: 5km easy running
Friday: 7 km of rolling glorious hills, and a dip in the lake half way!

Saturday: long run, missed. Ab workout
Sunday: REST
Total kms: 18.4km.

So there it is. I felt like it was a lot during the week, but when I look at it, it honestly seems underwhelming.

This week, I plan to get in all my miles, and all of my lifting days. It is a lot to balance, being on summer holidays, full time mom, and having a couple part-time volunteer position. But there is no other way I would want my life to be right now, it is forcing this non-planner, fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, to really buckle down and create order to our lives.

Wish me luck, and happy running!!

2 thoughts on “Marathon Monday-Week 1

  1. Good luck! Not that you need it! You’re doing great! I know how it is missing a long run – happened to me a few weeks ago… makes you feel like you need to “catch up” but you really will be just fine! Sometimes when life keeps you busy, life couldn’t be better 🙂 happy running to you, too!


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