Marathon Training: Week 2

Well week 2 is in the books, and I must say this training is off to a terrible start.  Luckily my marathon is still 16 weeks away, which I feel is enough time for me to get it together, and become stronger and faster than the last one I ran!

I started the week off so focused and excited and ready for my workouts.

Monday: 4mile Farklet with Back and shoulders. I love back and shoulder day, the workouts are challenging, but I love watching how my body grows and adapts to the weights. Being focused on form, and then increasing wights is something I am looking forward too!

Tuesday: Leg day! I normally am really into legs, I know that in order to get faster, I need to strengthen my legs. This workout started off okay, but my left hip started to crack and give me some pain. I slowed my reps down, and skipped a set of squats to give it some ease. I felt okay the rest of the day, but Wednesday is where the trouble started.

Wednesday: Tempo Run 5 miles: I made it 2miles, my hip was pulling something fierce, and I decided probably best not to damage it further by pushing myself. Finished the day with back and abs, which were fine to do. By this point, I am really starting to think it is either sciatica, or tight piriformis, (thanks google) my hip is so tight, and I am having pain down into my calf, not fun at all.

Thursday: I rested, I just could not get out and run.

Friday: Bis and Tris: done, seriously I can’t wait for my arms to have bigger muscle definition! (strong is the new skinny)

Saturday: My new team NUUN singlet finally arrived on Friday, and I could not wait to give it a try. So I took my dear Dobe pacer out for a 5km run, to see how my leg would fair, and give my tank a try! Hip was okay, my natural easy pace is getting faster, which has me so excited! As crappy as following a schedule has been for me over the past couple weeks, I know when I get into it, and my leg is healed, I will reach my goals.
Finished the run off with a 2km walk with our pup.


Sunday: rested, and used TENS on my back for relief, I know I really should go get checked out at this point, and the pain is only getting worse.

Week Three is here, and I’m going to work on strength training, minus legs, over running for a couple days, just to get more rest in. I am not 100% if this is the best idea, but it will have to do for now! Tips and stretch recommendations are always welcome!!

Hope you guys are having a great week!


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