Trying to Minimize

Minimizing my closet and life has been something that weighs heavy on my heart, and has for years. Yep I said it, YEARS. I have been giving much in this life, and lately I feel like I have taken things for granted.  My closet, and dressers are overflowing, and I often can’t find anything to wear, well because I have to many options.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.20.56 PM.png

I love love this quote, if its not useful, or beautiful, get rid of it!

While getting rid of stuff can be easy for some, I find it so difficut. I am an emotional person, and I put memories and vaule on things because of what they represent.  I have a hard time letting things go because they remind me of certain moments in life.  I know its silly, and it really is something I am working through, but I need to find a more productive way to hold memories, and let the things go.

When I did my closet clean out, I was what I thougt was ruthless, and I got rid of mounds of clothing.  Then when my husband came home, he started going though his clothes, and cleared out even more! I rewent though my closet, and asked his opion on certian items, and got rid of ones I was on the fence about, and ones he truly disliked.


I felt guilty while doing it, I have sooo much, and really I found it almost wasteful to have a closet full of perectly good clothing, when lots of people have so much less, or even nothing at alll.

I also have guilt over the wasted money! So, clearly I tried to recoup some of if, we have a local consignment shop that pays you for clothing right away.   What they didn’t take I brought a secondary consignement shop, that pays out after your clothing is purchased.  What they don’t take, they bring to the local food bank and they distribute it to those in need. For me, that is a win, win, win!

So for now, my closets are a little emptier, my bedroom is a little more organized, I have a few extra dollars set aside, and someone in need is getting a new outit.

There is so much more to be done, room by room, we will get through it and hopefully create a house that has way less stuff, and more room for making memories, and sharing love! Because really, that old saying of LESS is More is so so true, and  I am glad I am FINALLY beginning to understand and make that a reality.

I know there will be ups and downs, and by HIS good grace, I will learn and make it through, what I guess is really a life transition.

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