Marathon Training-Week 3

Last week was a bust! I finally went to the chiropractor in hopes of gaining some relief in my hip and leg, and thankfully it did help, but my lower body is all out of whack, that he recommended that I take a little time off running, so I can focus on healing.

Not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but much needed.  So instead of running 5 days a week, I focused on lifting upper body, doing some light walking, yoga, and stretching, and I even got a little beach time in, and did some swimming! So here is a look at my week:

Monday: Back and Shoulders.
Tuesday: Safari adventure with the kids, and 3km slow jog
Wednesday: 5km walk
Thursday: Bis and Tris
Friday: yoga, stretching
Saturday: rest day, pool swim
Sunday: Travel day, and swim

With a few more adjustments, and really tuning in and listening to my body, I am hopeful that the next 13 weeks will start to go a lot better.  Marathon training is hard, and my mental game isn’t where it should be.  How do you work on strengthening your mental game while training? I’ll take all the tips and pointers, for now I will Keep On Running, and know that these weeks will not define me, because I know I am tougher and more focused than what I have been these past couple weeks.  Time to pick myself back up, and get back on the horse (or in the shoes) and get work done!


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