Marathon Training- Week 4/5

I missed last weeks update, sorry friends. Summer vacation is busy around here.  We are soaking in as much fun as we can! The girls and I snuck away for a little Muskoka getaway to visit one of my oldest friends and spend time with my parents, while hubby stayed home to tend to our ever growing funny-farm.

Here is how training went:

Week 4:
Monday:  20min swim/treading (we spent the day on the lake)
Tuesday: 2miles hill repeats
Wednesday: Back and Ab workout
Thursday: 8km farklet run
Friday: Bis/Tris
Saturday: rest
Sunday:10km run

Week 5:
Monday: 3 miles + shoulders and chest
Tuesday: Light leg day, I am still afraid of pulling something in my back again, I know I just need to get over it and keep on working!
Wednesday: missed
Thursday: 6.7km run, I went to a Saucony shoe launch, thinking it would be awesome to try a new pair of shoes, and run worry free outside. My feet are super shoe picky, and I have yet to find a pair I LOVE.  Probably about 3km in, my foot started getting tingly, and sore, but we still had to turn around a run back.  Event was great, The Running Works staff is always amazing, but my feet just did not love the shoes. We were rewarded with amazing popsicles from Rudys, and had a chance to chat and run with Olympian Andrea Seccafien! She is competing in the 5000m race, and I can’t wait to cheer her on!

Friday: Bis and Tris
Saturday:6km speed work.

My training is still pretty off, but I am building and getting back into the swing of good habits, slowly.  Any tips on getting back into the right head space would be greatly appreciated.  I’m fairly certain that I will be able to push past this and continuing on training at my best efforts, and lets me real for a second, OLYMPICS are here, and the athletes have trained and worked so hard, that I’m going to use it for motivation!



3 thoughts on “Marathon Training- Week 4/5

  1. Great week and I know how you feel about training getting off, but you have an awesome attitude and you’re doing great! Sometimes you just need a little break to get back into it – or have sometime else motivate you. Sometimes it helps me if I focus on a new workout (yoga, swimming, crossfit), or just a workout with other people in general. Sometimes having a “fitfam” helps keep you excited to workout. I do all my runs solo so I like having my workout class 1x/week with my workout buds! I love the motivation the Olympic games have!!! So amazing! Keep it up! xx


      1. I’m glad I can help!!! 🙂 That’s crazy that you say that, I just decided today that I was going to try to do more group runs at my local running store!! I think it’ll be nice to get around other runners every once in a while and meet some new people!


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