Marathon Training- Week 6

Its hard to believe that I am one third of the way through my training program.  Somedays, as you all know by now, I struggle, and somedays my training is on point, and I am so hopeful for my performance.

Generally speaking, this week was a good training week. Not that I got all my workouts in, but I felt good doing them. It’s a step into the right direction.

It was a pretty crazy life week, our church was hosting The Global Leadership Summit, and I was leading both promotions, and resources.  We had put in lots of hours, prepping and preparing for this event, it was really great to see it come to completion for this year.  That being said, it was a two full days of work 7am-6pm.  Those work out days were missed.


Monday: 5km easy with Shoulders and Chest
Tuesday: Abs
Wednesday: 7km
Thursday: Summit day, I did hit 13,000 steps on my Garmin
Friday: Summit day
Saturday: 10km with speed work, because I got caught in a massive storm! I had snapped about it, but forgot to save real pictures, sorry friends.
Sunday: 6km with a side of ABS.

There it is, a week in workouts. Nothing overly exciting, but it is coming, and I am feeling better in all aspects of training, at  least for this week.


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