It’s December

I’ve been in December denial, as much as I prepared myself for the hustle and bustle of the season, I wasn’t/ am still not ready for it to be December, or for the year to be coming to a close, for that matter.  However, it is not up to me, and the days will keep flying by even though I try to fight it off. 

I finally am recovered from my under prepared half-marathon and am getting back into the swing of running, and fitness.  I am still debating running a Santa Run this weekend, we will see what happens. But I’ve hit the ground running, literally, and am setting a goal for the month!

I am going to share something that is somewhat embarrassing for the runner inside my, BUT, as means of accountability, I will tell you.  I have only run ONE 100+mile month this year, marathon training and all, one month, I know it should be more, especially if I want to hit my big time goals.  But I just didn’t do it. I didn’t prioritize my time, to get the miles in, and push the training.  I have relied on my “natural ability” for quite sometime, and I know what I am capable of with minimal effort.  But in order to hit my BHAGs I need step it up, put the effort, the training, the hard work and dedication.  To stop being fearful, of the what ifs, but to step out in faith, and trust.


Complacency ends HERE.



So for the month of December, I am going to focus on this.  As well as stretching! Ugh, we all say it, we all know, but how many of us actually do it?! This is a big change I need to/ am going to make.  Run, Stretch, Hydrate, Repeat. I did a 5km run on Saturday, and I was focused on speed, hit a mile stone, 22min! Came home, and DID NOT STRETCH. I am telling you, I am paying for it in a bad way right now.

How are you planning on ending the year? Any big goals you wish you did, but just didn’t prioritize? It’s not to late to start!!


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