Gift Guide- Kids

Don’t fret, there are still some shopping days left before Christmas.  You may not have the chance to do anymore online shopping, but go, brave the crowds, be social, and shop in store.  This is a great way to spread Christmas Cheer. Hold the door, smile, buy someone a coffee, or treat in line behind you.  So many things you can do, but only if you go and get out from behind the screen. 

Kids are always so much fun to shop for, and lucky for me I get to do it 9 times, my two kids, and my 7 nieces and nephews.

I try to put a lot of thought into these gifts, I want to do my best to pick something that I know each child will enjoy, and not just open and forget about it after the buzz of Christmas opening is over.

Luckily for me, my girls love playing house, and dolls, and pretending to be little mamas, melt my heart.

Here are some of my favourite gifts for the little mama in your life:

Doll, Bed, Sling

For the little guys in your life:

Tent, Blocks,  Robot pet,

We also love reading in our house, so one thing I always try to gift, is a book, again of whatever is of interest to the child.  Honestly, you can google “child book about____” and can come up with so many option.  Or better yet, head into your local Chapters, Barnes and Noble, or local book store, and ask an associate about kids books with a certain topic.


Other gifts that I am sure will be a hit with the parents:

Movie tickets
Trampoline Park Passes
Gift Card for whatever activity child is in, local gymnastics gym, skating lessons, swimming lessons etc.

The options are really endless! and Hey, while you are out shopping for your own little ones, maybe grab a new toy or two for a child in need, drop it off to your local women’s shelter, or donation centre, or call your local church.  Share Joy this Christmas, and give to others who may not receive anything.

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