Mid-Month Recap

So we are closing in on the last half of December, and I figured I would give you an update as to how my goals were coming along! 

I set out to run a total of 100miles this month, drink more water and stretch more often, aka start stretching).

Well as of yesterday I have run a total of 42.52 miles. Not exactly where I had wanted to be at this point in the month, but I can’t change days past. Part of the problem is I started off 5 days late with my decision making, oops, that’s what I get for being tardy.

Dec. 3, I decided it was time to get back into running regularly from taking some much needed time off in November. What better way to kick it off with a 5km “speed  test” of sorts. Gatsby and I got geared up, and literally hit the ground running. I pulled out an unofficially 5km PR, with 22:17. I am getting so much closer to my 5km goal. SUB 20mins here I come.
*this is my battle, need for short speed or long distance training, I can’t decide*


The following couple days my legs were destroyed, (this is why I/we/you need to stretched post run)

Week 2: is when I really decided on trying to get to 100miles this month. Read about it here.
Dec.6: I got in a 8mile evening run, which I felt great doing.  Time flew by on the treadmill and my legs were generally happy after!
Dec. 8: this was an afternoon run, working on sprints, and recovery.


Week 3
Dec. 11: Easy 4.5 Miles
Dec.12: 9.1 Miles this was my “long run” of the week
Dec. 13: I GOT INTO CHICAGO MARATHON! seriously the best news! I love that city, and cannot wait to run and see all the sites! Also, it’s my first officially confirmed race of 2017!
Dec. 15:4.1 miles of sprint repeats, worked on hill inclines
Dec.17: 2 miles slow and easy, my knee was not feeling the runs.


Total miles=35.42
Miles to goal= 64.58

I’ve got a lot of work, and a lot of miles to catch up on. Realistically, its going to be super tough, but I’m determined to get there!


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