DIY Christmas Ornament

I am pretty lucky to be blessed with 7 nieces and nephews, and gift giving can often reach the top of my budget quickly. But I also enjoy gifting an ornament for each of the kids.

For our girls I normally go with a moose, and a bear.  Our oldest, Addy, was quickly called Addy Bear, by her aunt, soon after she was born.  And it happily stuck. While our youngest we refer to as Maky Moose.  So their ornaments are typically easy to find and pick up during this time of year.

For others, I have to sometimes get creative.  I had the perfect ornaments picked out in my head, but they were going to put me a lot over budget.  Thank goodness for Krylon, and an urge for a DIY project!!

These ornaments cost me about 7$ each, and took under 20mins to make! Win Win for me


These cute Paw Patrols are plastic bath toys I found at a toy store. The first thing I did was I crazy glued the holes in the mouth.

Next, I took the hook eye screws, and twisted them into the top of their heads, took it out and crazy-glued it in there.

I then took a snack box, some string and hung my ornaments, ready to be spray painted. I rotated them part way through to make sure I got full coverage.  Once the first coat was dried I did it again.

Once they are completely dried, tie a loop with some pretty string, and they are all set to be gifted, and hung on the tree!


What are some of your favourite DIYS for the Christmas Season?



you could use any plastic toy for this, and the results will be the same!*



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