Welcome 2017

We are a week into the New Year, and boy has it been a crazy one.  Our oldest is still on Christmas Holidays from school, and we are doing our best to soak in as much fun, while getting the post Christmas clean-up done. Oh, and I’m still trying to find time to get my runs in, currently all about that keeping that base.

As I am sure a lot of you have seen, people choose a word to base their year off of, and I did it last year, picking the word “content” and this year my word is going to be “INTENTIONAL”.

I find that I can get caught up in everyday life, and just going with whatever the day brings, that I find myself losing track of time, and not really accomplishing much.

So I am going to be intentional with my time, and allowing myself to schedule things in that are important to me.

I want to be intentional with relationships, making sure that I take time for my friends, and family, and really be “all there” when spending time with them. Sure casual nights of nothing are okay, but I have a desire to really know the people around me, deeper than I already do.

I want to be intentional with my workouts and running, and really stick to a training schedule. Like I said, I am just trying to incase my base, so when I start training for my marathon again, I’ll be more than prepared. I want to also make sure I am getting in strength training, because I know this will help me in my long runs.

and Finally, but certainly not least, I am going to be more intentional with the time I spend  seeking after God.  Again, I push things off for later in the day, and then the day is gone.  So by planning, and intentionally seeking God, and reading the Word, I know it will bring me a lot of the peace and contentment I’m searching for.


What are your goals? OR word of the year, If you have one? How do you plan on making 2017 one of the best years?!

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