Week 3 in Workouts

It seems like I have zero control over time, which I guess is true. But some how the days and weeks fly right past me. My goals of intentional living are not going overly well so far this year, but I promise I am trying. 

Here is what week 3 looked like:

Sunday 15-5km easy run 9.19 pace


Monday 16- upper body work out

Tuesday 17- Quick 2 mile nap time sprint repeats.

.50 mile warm up at 6.0mph (treadmill speed)
.25 mile of 8.5
30 sec jog
.25 mile 8.5
30 sec jog
.25 9.0
30 sec job
.25 8.5
.50 cool down at 6.0


Wednesday 18- Rest day and Stretch

Thursday 19- Light legs- squats, lunges calf raises


Friday 20- 6 mile nap time run.

Saturday 21- rest day



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