Week 4 in Workouts

Here is what this week looked like!

Sunday 22- I almost didn’t make time to run today! But I snuck in a 5km run to keep my streak going!


Monday 23- Light upper body work, dips, push-ups, shoulder press, kickbacks, weighted rows. I do this as a circuit while watching the bachelor!

Tuesday 24- worked on stretching and rolling

Wednesday 25- REST

Thursday 26- driveway sprint repeats.  Our dive-way is 1/4 mile loop.  So I work on sprints and jogs around it. Total of 2 miles and 2 miles on the treadmill.


Friday 27- Rest

Saturday 28- Gymnastics with my “toddler” who’s really not much of a toddler anymore. And then I did an afternoon 5km run, and fit test on my Garmin.


I know these estimates are based on the V02 max convertor, and are not always accurate. But they are pretty close to some of my goals for the year! So if Garmin believes I can do it, I believe I can too!

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