Training Tips

Being a mom and wife first, and athlete second I really need to make sure my days are planned and scheduled so I can fit in my runs or workouts.

Here are some of my favourite training tips!

  1. Wear your gear- let’s be real, I love sleep, and have yet to get into the habit of waking before my kids to workout. So what I like to do is, get dressed in my gear I plan to work out in. Yep, sports bra, shirt, compression socks, and tights. If I’m running errands, I toss on a cute hoodie and vest, and I am good to go! Then when nap time comes, I can hit my treadmill, and save some time. And then I am in clothes where I can easily sneak in some squats, or lunges.
  2. Have your water and snack ready- I can easily prep my Nuun, and post workout shake while my toddler is awake, again this saves me time getting it ready after workout. Especially when you are crunched for time.
  3. Have a stretch zone- I’m seriously the worst for stretching and rolling, mostly because it is the last thing I organzine. But my last half marathon, my hips were so tight, that I ended up in severe pain, and a pinched nerve to boot. SO STRETCH. Foam roller, hand roller, yoga mat, all together for easy access.
  4. Dry-Shampoo and Norwex cloths are you best friend- again, I am just being real! I normally run during nap time throughout the school week. And nap time is normally the 1-1.5 hours before we leave for school pick-up. I am tight for time, so I dry shampoo my hair, use a wet Norwex cloth, for a runners bath, and I’m out the door. (Don’t worry, real shower comes later in the day)

Hopefully these little tips help! I know how stressful it can be to try and run a household, while training. But it is amazing what you can get done in a short amount of time.  And trust me, somedays I just want to curl up and nap too, but then I am so glad a snuck a quick nap time run/ yoga/ weights in when I could!

What are some of your favourite time savers?

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