Week 5 in Workouts

Can you believe that January is over and we are already into February! These months just fly by! I love this month of love! Mostly because it means we are going on our winter family vacation, and also because we are getting closer to spring and racing season!

Here is how the week went down!

Sunday 29-Afternoon Treadmill running, weather was far to crappy for me to run outside! I ended up doing a 5 mile circuit with some leg work in the middle. It was so hard and such a sweatfest, but so worth it in the end. (go look on my IG for this picture and circuit)


Monday 30-Rest

Tuesday 31- yoga and stretching, my hips are so tight, they need some serious attention.


Wednesday Feb. 1-Happy Girls and Women in Sports DAY! We spent it at gymnastics, and I did a short 1 mile to celebrate the day!


Thursday 2- Rest

Friday 3- I did an easy 10 miler on the treadmill, while watching the IF:Gathering. The run, and the messages preached were everything my heart needed!

Saturday 4-Stretching and Gymnastics with my little!

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