IF Gathering

This weekend I tuned into a live stream of IF: Gathering.  To be honest, I had zero expectations going into it. But I felt like I needed to watch it. 

I got the girls to bed right on time, jumped into my run gear, turned the iPad on and hit the treadmill. I had no idea that those few hours would speak right at me.

My heart has been stirring for months and months now, waiting for my next move, and man oh man, God ALWAYS comes through.  Session one speakers spoke the words of my heart.  The words that I knew were there, but didn’t know how to articulate. It felt like my heart was being poured out on that staged.  And let’s be real, I wept. While running, I wept. Because just like that, God steps in, whispers to your heart, and you gain a better understanding of where you are going, and what you should be doing.


Towards the end of the session one of the speakers, Ann Voskamp got up and spoke to us, The Esther Generation, and I am not sure if I could even count the “yeses” or “Amens”. Here is a nation at a great divide, but as women who have been called into Light, we have to do something. What do you want? Do you want what HE wants? Watch the video, and hopefully it speaks something to you!

We are not called to a life of comfort, we were never promised that. We were told we would always have God with us.  I have taken comfort for granted, my safety for granted. I live a North American privileged life. But here the thing. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as I am following the where the Lord is leading, and I need to get better at that.

Where do you go from here? I am not sure. But I do know this, there are people hurting a struggling, and living in darkness, and I know I have been called into the Light, in order to shine the light.

I hope you find the slightest bit of encouragement from this


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