When Writers Block Meet a Running Block

What a long title! But this is exactly what it is. Writers block and runners block.  I have both. And as relaxing as it may seem to not write, or run, it is actually causing me more unrest!

I love running for the way it makes me feel, for the moments or great accomplishment, for pushing my body to its limits and then a little bit further. But the reality is, I can’t always do that, and I also have had a dip in motivation.  Sure I could run 3-5 miles a few times a week, but it gets dull. I love racing, because it keeps me on my toes, literally, and figuratively.  It gives me something to strive got, and makes me push myself.

I have no races coming up.  Yes, I am going to virtually run the Phoenix Half  in the next few weeks, once registration opens up, but I will be running that alone, at home, so I am not going to be pushing to hard for a big PR, more just a long fun run!  Aside from that, all my planned races are shorter in distance, and months away.

My body is on vacation mode, and I am ready to snap out of it! The weather in Ontario is finally starting to warm up, and I am itching to get back outside and start chasing sunsets. Even when I think about it, my heart starts to swell!



How do you all break out of a funk? I normally get a boost while on vacation, there is just something so wonderful about running in Arizona, it just reenergizes me and honestly, it really brings me so much joy.

But seeing how I can’t live there, I need some more tips! Or a swift kick in the pants to give me a jump start!

I feel like this funk has transferred to other parts of life too, like blogging. Sometimes I feel as if I have something I want to share, and other times, I don’t. Like running, writing is also an outlet for me. My brain is often swirling with ideas, and thoughts, and it is so much more helpful to get them out onto a screen than to keep them bottled in my head! Sometimes, I put words on page, and then leave them in a draft pile, one day to make it out into the open.

In the mean time, I will keep plugging away.


How are you beating the winter blahs?



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