Virtual Run

This is a little Throw-Back-Thursday post!! Last fall, I was in Arizona on a family vacation, and was able to sign up for OUR RESCUE RUN, read more about why I chose this run here. Roughly 5 weeks prior to running this, my sister-in-love (sounds better than in-law) had said she was ready to finally take the plunge and commit to training, so over the course of the next 5 weeks, I did as best as I could to get her able to run a 5k with me!

We had a great vacation, and “race day” was finally here!! I was ready, and actually really nervous, I had never paced for someone before. And let me tell you! I sucked at it! HUGE!

We woke up early, and were ready to go for about 7:30, I had some toast and PB, and chugged a water bottle of NUUN Cherry-Limeaid. Made up my handheld with NUUN Watermelon and was ready to run.


The temps were perfect, and we were both excited and nervous.

Like I said, I started us off way to fast, and I think that first fast mile, set us up for a slower run.  My SIL was killing it though, I find when you are used to running in an Ontario climate, on the treadmill, to transferring to the desert, outside, it is going to present itself with some challenges.  The key is to push through, regardless.  And that is what we did!

That 5km, came and went, and we were able to finish, being greeted by our husbands and kids, and honestly there is no better feeling than to be able to see your family at the end of the finish line! Extra special, the kids were able to give us our medals.

I was so beyond blessed to be able to run that first race with my SIL, it is such a huge accomplishment to run your first race, and I loved being there for hers.

It was also great to run for great cause.  Modern Day slavery is sadly very common, and also thriving.  Stand up, and be a voice for those who can’t have one! Check out more at or or




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