More March

March is here in full swing, and with that this year brings the season of Lent. While I never did practise it growing up, as an adult I now think that this is something I can consider doing, sort-of. 

Instead of giving-up something directly, I have chosen to dive into more. Stay with me on this one. The idea seems backwards almost, but I am trying to, instead of taking away the bad that fills my life, increase the good.  When I am filling my life with life giving things, like more Jesus, more family, more running, more water, more veggies,  I am leaving less room for more STUFF, or JUNK, or mindlessness. Increase the good, decrease the bad!

So that’s what I am doing.

The week leading up to March 1st, I talked to my husband about doing a squat and push-up challenge. I am sure if you spend anytime of the internet you would have seen this come up. It’s a challenge do to 5000 squats and 1000 push-ups in 30 days! I am now doing it with an other couple, and we are remaining accountable to each other, and it is actually kind of fun to see who gets it done first (spoiler alert, it is never me). Also, it is helping me be able to do a push-up, because more real talk,!!!!


The next add on is MORE MILES! I am calling it more miles march.  I set out to actually increase my miles, and I must say I am proud of my first week.  I banked a total of 22.32 miles.  It may not seem like tons, but I am slowly increase miles and speed, and am pretty proud how the week ended! IMG_0595.JPG

More Water, more veggies, I mean that is pretty straight forward! I am terrible at drinking water, I fuel on coffee most days, but I am working on 3L a day. IT IS TOUGH! More veggies, because, well everyone could use more veggies in their life, maybe I’ll share more recipes too! This will give me less chances of being “hungry” and reaching for snacks, like chips…okay mostly just chips, it’s my weakness.

More Jesus, this one is a goodie for me, and maybe not for everyone. Skip over this if you need to! But I need more Jesus, more time devoted to sitting and reading the word, and studying, and quiet. More quiet is key, to stop and listen, personally, I find God speaks to me in His small still voice, and I really need to be intentional in order to hear it.  There are times when I feel just blah, and have zero motivation to spread joy, and in those moments I realize I need to be filled with Jesus.  Ideally I will get to the point where I am doing this constantly, and don’t have to hit the wall before changing my ways. I want my life to be an outpour of God’s love, for it to be reflected in my daily living, from how I parent, and  be a wife, to how I train and run, and interact with others I come across.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.03.17 PM.png

SO that my friends is my MORE March.  How I plan to increase ALL THE GOOD, in an effort to get rid of the bad, or less good things in my life.



Do you celebrate lent? Or what are you doing this month to reach your goals?




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