Friday Coffee Date

Happy Friday friends! I thought that for this Friday, I would switch things up a little bit. Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and let’s hangout! 


Currently drinking: I cannot get enough of TONICA Kombucha, seriously it taste soo soo good, and it has been a great afternoon pick me up. Not to mention, being away most of last week, and eating food my body is not used to really threw me.  I found this helped balance my tummy back to normal! Also did I mention they are CANADIAN!


Currently eating:  If you don’t follow knead_to_cook on ig or her blog, you need to! She is not only a great athlete, who inspires me each morning (her ig is a must watch for me), but also has the best vegan food stories! Her salad bowls inspire me daily, so sometimes I like to toss together my own versions.


Currently working on: Lately, I feel like this is more of what am I not working on! The answer is blogging, sorry guys.  I have literally overflowed my plate and am trying to balance a couple volunteer roles, being a mom, a wife, a friend, a runner..but I am still trying to find the balance.
My main run goal this month is to get to 87miles, but I’ll take 87km as a plan B.
I am also working so hard at making lists, and prioritizing, I know, I am late to the game, but lists have saved me the past couple weeks!

Currently reading: I have so many books on the go right now, but this one I started this month, and am going to make sure I finish it before April is over!


Currently obsessed with: Family friends have a few horses, and two were in foal, and one has finally been born, the other is due any day! I seriously can watch them all day. New life is so amazing, and watching a baby horse learn to run and walk fills be with such joy! It actually makes me laugh out loud so hard!


Favourite photo from March: I took this photo while I was at Willow Creek Church is South Barrington, Illinois.  I travelled there for some training which I spent most of the day inside.  But during one of the evening breaks, while the rest of my team was back at the hotel, I stayed and enjoyed the quiet lakeside view. (My sessions ran over, and they ran back to freshen up)  The sunshine and peace was just what my soul needed that day.


What are you loving these days? Do you have any April goals? 

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