Easter Weekend

With Easter and the long weekend now behind us, it is nice to sit and reflect on the events of past. It was seriously such a jam packed weekend, but thankfully there was still time to rest and relax!

One of my favourite memories from childhood, was that my mom and grandma would make us Easter dresses.  One in particular is still my favourite. I wanted to be able to do this for my girls, there is something special about handmade.

We headed to the fabric store a few weeks ago, and purchased the fabric (thankfully they approved of my choices) and the pattern.  In true Rachel form we waited until the last minute to make the dresses, but sure enough we got them done, and they were a big hit!





We had such a great weekend celebrating, and making new memories and new traditions, I am almost exited to do it all over again next year! Our girls are at the stage where they can really enjoy the fun, but also understand why we get to celebrate Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus! What better reason to celebrate, and give thanks!

What fun traditions do you do for Easter?

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